#113-AVs on real estate; AVs for the hyper-rich? Tesla Hardware v3.0 starts to roll out

Today…. Episode 113 on Friday the 13th… an unusually long episode, this, in which we talk about the impact on real estate by autonomous vehicles; we address¬†an article¬†by Professor Lance Eliot (UCLA; USC) on whether AVs will be reserve for only the hyper-rich; and Tesla starts a (very) limited deployment of its Hardware v.3.0. Have a great weekend!

#112-Ford deals with bugs; Japan readies AVs for the Olympics; Didi Chuxing deploys AV ridesharing

Ford develops a system to remove splattered bugs from its autonomous vehicle sensors and cameras; Japan set to release 100 AVs shuttling people around the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo; and China’s Didi Chuxing prepares to deploy Level 4 ridesharing in Shangahi.

#110-Training AVs with local customs; Optimus Ride rolls out; AV renaissance in Detroit and Pittsburgh?

Today: When in Rome… so how do you train AVs to blend in with the driving customs around the world? Optimus Ride rolls out in Boston and seems to be playing the right strategy. And, it looks like the AV revolution may indeed bring about a much-needed renaissance in Detroit and Pittsburgh.

#109 – AVs in LA; Sidewalk cages; Lidar is a crutch

Today, I suggest that if cities embrace Uber, then they will embrace AVs; I rip apart the ridiculous article suggesting that sidewalks will become cages to protect humans from AVs (and vice-versa); and, yes, lidar is (apparently) a crutch, at least according to Chris Urmson.

#108 – Season 4 Premiere: The FAVA

After three months on break, I’m baaaaaaaack! Season 4 is HERE! Today, a bit of a recap on my amazing 1 month stint in DC, followup with a deep dive into my FAVA proposal.

#107 – SEASON 3 FINALE: Interview with 3 PhDs Martin Adler; Justin Schorr; Henning Lategahn

As promised, we’re closing out Season 3 in a big way: I’m joined by three PhDs from around the world, Justin Schorr (Philadelphia); Martin Adler (Netherlands); and Henning Lategahn (Germany) as we dive into an absolutely fascinating, all-encompassing discussion on nearly every angle surrounding autonomous vehicles.

#106 – Mike Pinelis, PhD – Microtech Ventures’ MEMS AV applications

The penultimate episode of Season 3! A fascinating conversation with Mike Pinelis, PhD, of Microtech Ventures, coming at us from Detroit, in which we discuss MEMS applications to autonomous vehicles, and much more besides.

#105 – Michael DeKort, Owner & CTO, Dactyl: The need for simulation testing

Michael brings an entire career of aerospace/DOD research and experience to building an aerospace/DOD-caliber simulation for autonomous vehicles; his views on why simulation is absolutely essential for AVs.

#104 – Interview with Henning Lategahn, PhD, Atlatec, on 3D mapping without lidar

A fascinating conversation with Henning Lategahn, PhD with distinction from the University of Karlsruhe for Technology, and his startup, Atlatec, which produces 3d maps for autonomous driving and simulations without lidar; they use computer vision cameras only. Also, two cool announcements to share with you.